Outsourcing Pundit is one of the best resource’s portal for your all business solutions. It is a portal brimming with the highly skilled Microsoft dynamics professionals.

The portal is loaded with the skilled resources that are always ready to face the challenges and are solution oriented rather than rationalizing.

Resources at Outsourcing Pundit are skilled in Microsoft products and business applications including D365 BC/NAV, D365 FO/AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc.

After studying the issues of the market, we found that Microsoft partner companies mostly suffer the issue while hiring the right resources at the right place and time. Hence, we have especially designed this portal for the Microsoft partner companies, located all around the globe.

Our vision is to provide the right Microsoft professionals to Microsoft partner companies for their project solution at the off-site location.

Off-site location means, resources will be working on your project, under your assistant at the Outsourcing Pundit site.

The basic input from your end will be just guiding the resources as per the project requirements and getting the work done in pre-defined time.

It seems interesting and easy right! But there are many such portals available on the internet, so why Outsourcing Pundit portal only!

The question is right and genuine, so let’s know why Outsourcing Pundit for your business projects.

  • Specified Resources – Outsourcing Pundit in an online resource’s portal, brimming with the Microsoft Dynamic resources rather than focusing on the other resources.

There are many portals with wide targeted audiences, from small businesses to the large businesses and resources of all the types including engineers to BCA.

The agenda of Outsourcing Pundit is to focus on the Microsoft partner companies and affix only the skilled Microsoft dynamics professionals on the portal.

Our initiative of doing this is that we can solve the issues of HR department of the Microsoft partner companies by availing the relevant resources whether on urgent base projects or for future projects.

Our resources are our responsibilities, so the company has to just assist the resource’s as per the project requirements and work to be done on that, rest will be taken care of by the Outsourcing Pundit.

Mostly time consumed of the hr department is mainly in searching the right candidate as per the project requirements.

After posting the requirements on different job sites like LinkedIn, monster, and indeed, HR doesn’t find any such employee who can work on the project and if found, a candidate is being called for an interview, but does that success?

Exactly, no! Here also the issue comes, the candidate might be not located in the same city or state of the company, which impacts the company’s revenue.

You will be thinking about how? If the employee’s native is not in the same city or state, the company also suffers.

As candidate will demand the stay allowance and also a long time leave for visiting his/her native place and many such issues.

Ultimately, with all such issues, the project goes in pending status until he/she is not back to the work but with Outsourcing Pundit hr department has to relax because from hiring to HOTO (Hand Over/Take Over) is done by the Outsourcing Pundit.

Therefore, the company gets its desired resources from Outsourcing Pundit and the work doesn’t stop.

Deploy the Microsoft professionals and move a foot forward towards the success of your business. Reach us today!

  • Training Resources – the technology is increasing day to day, a new updated or new technology is out at every single minute.

It becomes important to train the employees before hiring and during the employed time to increase the productivity of the resources.

This costs the trainee, training labs, and systems to do the practice of the same products, summing up this total into the company’s operational costs, affecting the ultimate revenue of the organization.

This has the solution – Outsourcing Pundit, we provide the training to the resources on the latest Microsoft products either they are hired or are on the bench.

We train our resources once they are hired and arrange the training sessions every six months to keep them update and brushing their skills.

  • Resources Availability – Outsourcing Pundit resources portal is brimming with the skilled Resources and also a set of on bench resources, ready to work on projects at your one assistance.

Outsourcing Pundit is a large pool of resources, briefed as per their experience and excellence.

  • Time Base – resources are available on the time bases, for an example, your project is estimated to be completed within 2 months than the resource will be allocated on that project and focusing totally on that project.

No other task or project will be assigned to that resource, he/she will be dedicatedly working on the project assigned by you. The best thing is that you can hire the resources on the time base and pay of that period only.

  • The Productivity of Employees – when you have a work of hiring the resources and train them on the same, it becomes difficult to work on the productivity of the employees.

Hr departments are stuck in hiring, recruiting and solving the issues of an individual employee, that stops them to widen up their skills and work on the productivity on an employee including project managers, functional managers.

Hiring resources from Outsourcing Pundit solve this issue, as the employees are at Outsourcing Pundit site and you just need to assist them on the project virtually. So, the company can focus on the other activities of the employees to increase the productivity of an individual.

  • Operational Cost – the cost of investing in an individual employee from their seating arrangement to their health care, all comes under this section. The company has to pay and invest in an employee either he/she is on the field or not. This makes a large difference in the revenue.

But partnering with Outsourcing Pundit can make a large difference in the business revenue, as resources will be working for you on off-site, means they are working for you virtually.

A Microsoft partner company doesn’t need to invest in an employee’s facilities, as we will be providing a high-ended infrastructure and great connectivity to the resources which helps them to work in a comfortable atmosphere.

Target achievements – every project starts with its one predicted ending date. It becomes tough to complete it in a defined time, due to many issues including employee lefts the job at the middle of the project or employee faces a medical emergency and many such unpredictable issues may delay the deadlines.

This all reasons just affect the organization and the reduce yearly sales graph or revenue chart. But hiring resources from the Outsourcing Pundit helps you to achieve the targets at the defined time.

If our resource’s lefts the project in mid or suffers through a medical emergency, we assist you with a new resource in a pre-defined time.

Engaging with the Outsourcing Pundit will help you to leverage your business step towards the success of the organization.

Get a view of our resource’s portal, reach us today for a demo-session and get insights from our expert team of Outsourcing Pundit.

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