Businesses nowadays opting the off-site Staff Augmentation services to increase the business revenue and focus on the major aspects of the company.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff resources for the projects and business objectives. This helps in leveraging existing resources productivity as well as utilize outsourced services and contract resources.

The more important of the consultants/resources is into the IT companies including Microsoft Partner companies. They have the projects to do but lack in the manpower, especially the skilled once.

Resources are easy to get but the moto is of hiring particular professionals for a project that makes the search hard. Companies are unable to fetch the best resources as per their requirements.

With all the facilities and high-ended infrastructure companies are yet lacking with the best fit resources for their projects.

OP_LogoOutsourcing Pundit is here to help you out with this, as we are totally into deploying Off-Site experienced and diversified resources.

We are here to assist you with not just resources but with the highly skilled resources dedicated to their work profiles and always ready to undertake the new challenges.

The major pain area of any Microsoft Partner companies is to get the resources that are smart enough to work on the projects on just little assessment.

This is the toughest thing for the companies to get the same resources as per their requirements. Therefore, we are here with our resource’s portal.

Outsourcing Pundit resources portal is brimming with the highly skilled resources as per your project requirements and the resources work on the projects with your little input on the same at an off-site location.

Company’s project manager or a higher authority needs to just keep a virtual eye on the work and assist them the work as per the project requirements and on that basis, our resources will work on the project assigned by you.

This helps in leveraging the productivity level of your Project Manager and he/she can focus on the major issues and projects of the company.

Resources on our portal are skilled in their professions so you need to just assist them on the project needs and our professionals will be working on it at our site, under your observation.

Hiring Off-Site resources means leveraging the company’s productivity and increase sales revenue.

Schedule an interview with the Microsoft Dynamics Resources & deploy them on an off-site location!

Why R&D of the company’s project goes in pending?

IT companies usually have the Project Managers to work on their own product and guide the technical consultants on the other client’s project. But this doesn’t happen as the technical consultants are stuck in working on the client’s project. Project Managers are busy in guiding the technical consultants and in implementing the other projects.

Hence the technical consultants are not able to work on the R&D work of the project and that adds delay into the project add on features.

The solution is here:

Outsourcing Pundit helps you in your R&D projects of the company, let your team of experts decide the flow of the product within a quarter and our technical consultants will work on it as per your assistance.

Project Managers of your company needs to assist the resources virtually and the product will be developed by our consultants in the decided time.

Are your Project and Functional managers able to focus on their prime work?

Project Managers and Functional Managers are the key resources for the Microsoft Partner companies and are being assigned some of the majority tasks to draw the company towards success.

But if these resources are mostly engaged in the supporting technical consultants or just being in guiding and handling the small works which are not their prime work.

Then the other vital tasks like implementing and developing the bigger products get in delay and can affect the company’s revenue.

Outsourcing Pundit offers the best and relevant professionals as per the project requirements and is master in their work. Hence, you just need to assist them, and they will be working on it.

The resources will be at the off-site, seating at the Outsourcing Pundit site and working on your projects with just assistance of yours.

Meanwhile, your project and functional managers can focus on their prime work without any distraction and leverage the productivity of an individual.

Lacking with diversified and experienced resources?

Microsoft Partner companies have a pool of projects from the client’s end and their own but in all, the company lacks the resources.

As the project comes with the diversified requirements, a company needs to allocate the resources with the capabilities of doing that project.

We at Outsourcing Pundit help you out in such critical situations, by allocating the best match as per the project requirements of the company.

The company can deploy the resources which will be working at the off-site location and with your project managers guidance, our technical consultants will work on the projects.

Hiring resources off-site from Outsourcing Pundit helps in reducing the operational cost of the company, apart from this it helps in generating good revenue from the little investment.

  • The company will be able to focus on the major aspects of the organization including the productivity and sales revenue as resources deploying is easy and one will find the best Microsoft Dynamics professionals at our resource’s portal.
  • Projects will be completed on time as we provide the best resources for your projects and if he/she fails to work on your requirements or undergoes medical emergence we place other resources as per your project requirements.
  • Project Managers will be able to focus on the big implementing and developing projects and they just need to assist our technical consultants with the project requirements and our resources will be working on the same from our location.
  • Working with our resources is easy as they are trained, mastered and experienced persons in their personalized fields. So, companies don’t need to worry about any training of the resources.
  • Project and Functional managers will able to keep track of the work done by our resources and need to assist them on the major points and rest will be done by them.
  • You can hire any resources with the variant skills and years of experience on the time bases, hence you don’t need to invest a long on the resource for a particular project.

With all these major beneficiary points, we prefer you to hire the resources on off-site location. As it is benefited to the organization from saving operational cost to the increase in the productivity of an individual staff of the organization.

Outsourcing Pundit resource’s portal is brimming with the resources of your demand and skills as per your project requirements. The best part of us is we hire the resources skilled in the diversified fields and train them on their prime points to leverage their skills.

Get in touch with us to schedule a demo-session of our resource’s portal.

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