The 21st century is blooming with the latest IT facilities invented by the top IT companies. Technologies are advancing rapidly and lighting up in all the corners of the media. So, it becomes tough for the IT staff to implement new technologies as users, customers, managers and even competitors’ will to upgrade to new technologies. 

In a single generation, businesses have adopted rapidly growing new marketing channels, making it hard to decide where to invest in, when to utilize new technologies and how to compete on the global stage. The major effect of this is not a single CEO or any employee is expert in everything due to this rapid changes and growth in the technologies. 

In today’s time, IT firms are facing challenges while hiring the resources as it becomes difficult to select the right person as per requirements. The main issue arises when you are looking for an employee for a project which is totally dependent on the new technologies and you are unable to find the one. 

So, let’s check out five different challenges faced by the IT companies while hiring the resources: 

1. Hiring Resources 

The story begins here, any institute or company needs to augment a skilled staff to make their firm grow and create a presence at the global stage. The hiring process is not as simple as it is being explained or seen.  

The issues are more complicated with the IT firms as it is difficult to find the experienced resources. Especially Microsoft Dynamic skilled resources are tough to get with the highly skilled experience.   

To get the highly skilled resources IT companies has to maintain high financial budget on an individual to make the project successfully done. It becomes tough for companies to pay a high scale to each employee. This issue doesn’t end here, if a company finds the skilled resources then the resources would have worked on the lower version of the software and might not have a deep knowledge on the same. 

Hiring issue for IT companies are high especially for the Microsoft Dynamic products, as a technical developer or a software developer are less in number or are at the trainee level. If the company hires any developer he/she might be having work experience as the Support consultant or report developer, in this case, they have to go under training before putting on the field. 

The HR department of IT firms is always in search of resources as there is no guarantee of resources to be with the company more than a year, as they find the new opportunities with high pay scale they roll out. So, hiring resources for long term commitment is also an issue for the HR department of the IT firms.  

2. Managing Operation Cost 

Operation cost is the cost which the company invest in an individual employee to increase the growth of the company and employee. The operation cost for IT companies is higher as they have to invest in their personal growth and on the requirements an individual need to complete the task. 

In IT fields every employee has to undergo a training session at a particular time interval as the technologies are getting upgraded. So, the IT firms train every employee with the latest technologies and also pay a high range scale amount.  

Hiring skilled and experienced resources are proportional to the pay scale of the employee which also impacts the operation cost of the company. If the resource, is not an experienced one as per the requirements, he/she has to undergo training sessions before going on the field. 

For the IT companies, training sessions are not of small interval or of lower budget, it takes a long duration to learn one software or product, high budget and a trainee to guide them. This investment can be converted into profit when the employee is with the company for more than a year. But some employees undergo training and leave the job as they find some new opportunities that make the company suffer the loss. 

In IT companies’ employees are paid as per the hour bases, so if the person levels the project in a mid-way company has to allocate other person and has to pay him including to the person who is going to leave, as project needs to be understood by the person who is going to take over the work. 

3. Employees Productivity 

Employees productivity is also important in today’s time as it is said that the success of an organization relies upon the productivity of the workforce. Hence, employee productivity is an important sector for businesses.  

This also comes under the management of the HR department; the HR department has to focus on the productivity of every individual following some procedures. But due to the upper mentioned issues HR department, especially of IT companies, are not able to focus on this point and the graph of the business revenue goes down. 

Also, it becomes important for the companies to undertake the training sessions of an individual employee at a particular time interval. But it becomes difficult as there are more issues to be resolved than increasing the productivity of the employee.  

4. IT Operations 

The rapidly growing digital market keeps the IT team of a company on their feet, as the chances of the data loss or hacking are on the high risk especially for the IT companies. The data security and maintaining the system of the employee and the client comes under the IT section of the company, a single mistake and whole operating system can go down.  

The company invests on the IT persons just to keep an eye on the data flow and maintaining the system of an individual employee.  

5. Training the Employees  

Every individual has to go through the training session when joins any firm whether it’s an IT or a non-IT firm to adapt their operating strategies and portfolios. But for the IT companies, it becomes important to train an employee at every particular time interval as the technologies are getting upgraded daily.  

Training employees on the new technologies cost the new system, software’s and trainee to make it grasp easily. This whole method costs time and money of the company invested in the employee without any guarantee of serving the company for a long term. 

This all issues are commonly faced by the IT companies while hiring the resources and maintaining their profiles in the company. This all issues directly impact on the operational cost and on the ultimate revenue of the company. 

Due to all this problems HR department is unable to focus on the other aspects of the company including the productivity of an employee. So, to resolve this all issues and to save your operational cost here we are an Outsourcing Pundit – Offsite Staff Augmentation service provider – at your service. 

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