Hiring an IT freelancer for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects is good, but will they work as per your expectations?

Will you get your project done in mentioned deadlines following quality of work? What if work is being quit in the middle? Got in dilemma?

Don’t worry, here you will find every answer to your query, of either to hire IT freelancer for your Microsoft D365 projects or not.

  1. Data Security

The major concern for any IT companies, like Microsoft Partner companies is data security. In the world of DigiTech data security has become the most important concern.

So, when you hire an IT freelancer, is there any guarantee of data security?

Advice: To avoid data loss due to the wrong customization, a sandbox environment should be prepared. One of the options is, you can augment resources from IT outsourcing companies like Outsourcing Pundit.

As Outsourcing Pundit has established a sandbox environment, where your augmented technical consultants will work on your project.

  1. Work on more than one Projects

A freelancer will be working on multiple projects.

They need to manage all the projects parallelly to complete it before the deadlines, due to this they lack in focusing on one project and might be stuck in solving plenty of errors.

Advice: Let this not be happening with your projects and augment technical consultants from IT outsourcing companies (like Outsourcing Pundit).

This will benefit you, as technical consultants will be only working on your project, under your guidance, so there are very fewer chances of misunderstanding and generating an error.

  1. Lack of knowledge

Daily new technologies come and replaces or upgrade the older one and we too need to keep our skills upgrading.

It becomes difficult to work on latest technologies and gain knowledge about it in a very short time period.

Advice: Hence, I advise you to go for IT staff augmentation service providing companies, like outsourcing pundit, where IT consultants are trained on the latest technologies before you augment them for your Microsoft Dynamics projects.

So, that they can work on your projects smoothly.

  1. Communication Gap

Key of any successful business or a project is seamless communication, but if that lacks then that will bring disasters rather than success.

Communicating with IT freelancer sometimes becomes complex and leads to miscommunication.

Advice: To avoid complex communication, we have a solution to it.

IT outsourcing company – Outsourcing Pundit, who suggests you use specific tools or portals to communicate with technical consultants, helping you to define task and track work on specific tool or portal.

This reduces the risk of miscommunication and leads to project success.

  1. Missed Deadlines

IT freelancers have a bulk of projects to work on and very tight schedule as they need to complete the project before the deadline.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to complete the project on mentioned deadlines.

Advice:  Rather, you can augment IT consultants from IT staff augmenting companies.

Outsourcing Pundit is one of the IT staff augmenting company, where resources work on your projects and if any error comes they try to solve it at the earliest.

  1. Payment Issues

Freelancers charge on an hourly basis, so if your defined scope of work has any changes and needs to invest time, then their charges increases.

This seems to be genuine but when you calculate the total cost, that will be more than what you expected to complete that work.

Advice: Why to pay more? Augment IT consultants on a monthly basis, from Outsourcing Pundit. Pay monthly charges and let consultants work on your projects.

  1. Standard Coding Methods

Standard coding methods need to be followed by every IT consultants, either it is a freelancer or an in-house technical consultant.

Not only this, coding should be easy to understand (formatting, clarity, commenting where needed and well-documented) and easy to change (maintainable and extensible).

Advice: Outsourcing Pundit trains their technical consultants to follow all the coding procedures before you augment them for your projects.

They not only help technical consultants in upgrading their skill sets but also train them to follow the standard coding methods, which becomes easy for you and them to analyse and solve any error is generated.

  1. Priorities set by them

IT Freelancers have a number of projects to do, in which there are many at the top priorities that need to be delivered at the earliest.

Advice: This can make a delay in your project delivery, so, why not to augment IT consultants who can work only on your project and prioritize the task as per your needs?

Outsourcing Pundit is one who can help you in augmenting IT consultants, who can work on your projects as per the prioritization of the task.

  1. Low-Quality Work

By studying all the upper points, we can conclude that the quality of work effects when the coding is not done in an expected manner or not formatted properly.

Advice: But Outsourcing Pundit ensures that resources follow standard coding methods and format them properly, so the standard of coding is maintained and makes easy for you and your team to understand.

  1. Responsible Person

When you plan to hire IT freelancer for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects, have you thought if they leave the project in mid-way?

Is there any responsible person to take assurance of him?

Advice: To save yourself from all these blunders, go with IT staff augmentation service providing companies, like Outsourcing Pundit.

They take guarantee of the technical consultants and if a consultant leaves the project in half-way they augment another technical consultant for your project at the earliest.


By studying all the mentioned points and their advice, I believe that you have got a clear idea of whether to go for IT freelancer for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects or not.

If you are willing to choose IT staff augmentation services for your Microsoft Dynamics projects, contact Outsourcing Pundit at reach@outsourcingpundit.com.

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