Offshoring resources is not an issue until you have some clear goals and set up rules to choose the right offshoring partner.

Nowadays, finding offshoring partner is not a big deal but finding the right fit partner, who can successfully, smoothly and efficiently make your project done.

To do that you need to prepare a checklist that can help you to manage your offshoring team smoothly without any miscommunication.

So, come let’s check some of the best tips to manage your offshore developer team.

Finding Right Offshoring Partner

This is the first criteria, finding the right partner to execute your offshore projects.

Keep in mind, opt such partner who has experienced in working with overseas clients, especially with your companies situated in your country.

This makes you entrust that they can seamlessly understand your working portfolios and communicate easily with your in-house team.

Along with it, also check that an offshoring partner follows standard SOPs for developing different projects.

This can also give you an ensurance of their work quality as they follow standard SOPs that are valid globally.

Outsourcing Pundit is one of them, who has worked with many overseas companies and gained a good experience in coordinating with the clients.

Not only this, it follows standard SOPs that are endorsed globally and also train resources to develop the code by following the standard SOPs.

It had established itself as a global offshoring service provider for the Microsoft dynamics projects.

Efficient & Effective Resources

Selecting the right partner takes you a step closure to your goal. The next is to hire resource who is more effective and efficient for your project.

Interview resources in multiple stages including, technical test rounds. Along with that, Coordinating and asking logical questions helps you to judge how efficient he is for your project and his thinking towards his work attitude.

This makes your project development go seamlessly and helps you in taking a foot forward for easily managing your offshore development team.

For hiring such development team, you can come up to the Outsourcing Pundit, who trains their resources not only in developing projects but making them work on their logical thinking that can make a good impact on their working attitude.

Choose Offshoring Partner who can work on standard SOPs endorsed globally, like Outsourcing Pundit. Offshore Resources from them Today!

Effective Coding

Developers are known for their ways of using standard coding procedures and keeps on leveraging their limits for coding in a more efficient and effective manner.

But that shouldn’t affect the standard coding method followed for programming any project that is being endorsed globally.

While offshoring developers you need to keep in mind that, a developer codes through a reference of set of standard documents or SOPs.

For this, you need to find an offshoring partner that has a set of all the standard SOPs for every project that is being followed by their developing teams.

This can make your work less and you are entrusted that your offshore project will be ineffective dynamic coding followed by standard SOPs with efficiency.

Outsourcing Pundit is one of that offshoring company, who has documented a set of SOPs for projects, so that their developer team can effectively code the programmes for their clients, like you 🙂

Schedule Daily Deliverables

The last tip but not the least one. Managing all the above points are mandatory and so is this.

Why I’m saying this again and again because this is the point where every company and offshoring partners lack and project becomes a disaster.

Allocating the work to the offshore team and making it done is the responsibility of your project manager. But it gets complicated when there is no proper management done.

To avoid miscommunication and project becoming a disaster, try to follow standard portals or tools that tracks the work of resources on a daily bases.

Let your project manager allocate daily task in a portal/tool with detailed explanation and mention hours to complete the task.

Same an offshore developer can edit the timing taken to complete it and if not done or an error occurred can comment on the same tool/portal.

This creates a seamless communication and it can be documented for your future use.

For that, look for an offshore partner who can provide you with such a portal to assign and track work of resources.

Tracking your project work will become easy and if an issue occurred you will come to know about that through that portal easily.

This helps you in managing your offshore development team easily and completing the project on time efficiently.

Companies like Outsourcing Pundit offers their clients to use such a portal that can track daily work routine of the resources and many clients have appreciated them for using such a high-tech portal.


This all tips will help you in managing the offshore team. By studying all the above tips, it can be concluded that the issue is not offshoring resources for your projects.

But to choose the right offshoring partner who understands your standards of working and wills to work in the same manner.

Outsourcing Pundit is one of those offshoring partners who love to work on standard portfolios of export business and provides the foremost services to their clients. So, it becomes easy for them to manage the offshore team.

About Outsourcing Pundit

Outsourcing Pundit is an Offsite Staff Augmentation company having a large pool of resources for different Microsoft Product portfolio. Resources are available as per different expertise and experience based on customer requirement. Outsourcing Pundit act as an e-commerce platform wherein resources are available on the portal as per category. They can be screened, interviewed and selected from the portal itself.

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