Microsoft_LogoMicrosoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently it is one of the best leading global vendor for the computer software and hardware, cloud services, mobile games and gaming systems. With the headquarters in Redmond, Washington it also has offices in more than 60 countries.

It also provides support, develops, manufactures, licenses, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. With this Microsoft also offers the companies to be the partner of them by clearing some of their exams, and terms and conditions, this helps many businesses to avail the best services of the Microsoft products.

Microsoft has developed such software’s that help businesses to work easily, as in the digital marketing world it becomes important for companies to opt one of the best services which can compile with the today’s time. Businesses who are looking to avail the services of the Microsoft products but are unable to be the partner of the Microsoft, can request any Microsoft partner company to work on their projects as per there terms and conditions.

Microsoft is the multinational technology company and has developed such a wide range of intelligent business applications that will help the current businesses to work digitally and easily including manufacturing and trading companies.

In this article we will be focusing on the best four Microsoft business applications which will help manufacturing and trading companies to improve productivity of their business. Let’s look to the best four Microsoft business products.

Microsoft D365

What is Microsoft D365?

Microsoft_dyanamicsMicrosoft D365 is also known as Dynamics 365 – a cloud-based business applications platform, invented in 2016 by combining Dynamics AX, its ERP application with its Dynamics CRM application. It is one of the major vendors to combine both the competence of the ERP and CRM inherently.

Benefits, Features and Applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 fits to all the businesses and industries, this allows you to run your business at your own gait, entirely operating through the cloud.

Integrating the familiar products like outlook and excel, using them as the system of business process and job roles enabling the productivity of the business.

By using Cortana and Power BI you can build intelligence in business process and help customers and employees discover, analyze and apply data improving the decision making.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the three fundamental elements of Digital Transformation strategy: productivity, intelligence and security.

The biggest benefit of Dynamics 365 is the integration with the other Microsoft business applications. Businesses who are heavily relying on the office 365 and outlook or running on the Azure can get the benefit as it can integrate with the sister products than most of the other CRM systems.

Dynamics 365’s apps includes:

Field service, Project Management, Customer communication tools, operations & Sales, Retails, Talent and Marketing.

Microsoft SharePoint

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePointMicrosoft_SharePoint – a web-based collaborative platform with Microsoft office was launched in 2001 and now primarily sold as the document management and storage system. It is being configured using a web browser and provides its capability via a web UI and web application.

It can be used to create and delete sites, configure basic work flows, manage content and site structure, enable/disable product features and manage analytics.

Benefits and Features

Users can access to the add new items and can support to the office 365 apps or download excel features to pivot the Microsoft Access database tables.

SharePoint is integrated with a client desktop e-mail, applications and web browsers to serve the best consistent user experience, simplifying how people interact with content, process and business data.

This web-based app is helpful when it comes to store, collaborate, share and access data from multiply devices without constrain.

The latest up-gradation is the collaboration feature of SharePoint which allows real time streaming of the data with the easier accessing and sharing of the data within a predefined organization.

It has also improved robust security and integrity of the data. This feature helps in protecting the integrity of the app data from all unauthorized access.

Microsoft Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BIMicrosoft Power BI was introduced in 2010 naming Project Crescent and later in 2013 it was named as Power BI for Office 365 by Microsoft. It is a business analytics service, providing visualizations with self service business intelligence capabilities.

With this software end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves without depending on the IT staff or database administration. On this platform non-technical users can use this tool for aggregating, sharing data, analyzing and visualizing.

Benefits and Features

Power BI can be used to find the insights within the organization’s data, helping in connecting the data sets, transforming and cleaning the data in data model, creating charts/graphs to give a visual look to the data and can be shared with the other Power BI users.

Helping management, administration and managers to give a wide insight into how organization/department is doing by executing on the dashboards.

This is used for both the management and department reps, creating aid sales and marketing reps with reports and forecasts. Also helps in providing the progressing report/data of the organization or an individual employee to the management.

With the help of the artificial intelligence, users can access image recognition and text analytics in Power BI, also helps in creating a machine learning models using automated machine learning capabilities.

Microsoft Flow

What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow isMicrosoft_Flow cloud -based software, allowing customers/employees to create and automate workflows and tasks across the multiple applications and services without taking help from developers.

This is a simple app for the non-technical users, they have to specify what action must take place when a specific event occurs. Once the flow is set up, you can manage it through the desktop or an app on a mobile device.

The best thing is that the Microsoft Flow can integrate with various Microsoft apps and services like Power BI, Dynamics 365, PowerApps and Office 365.

Benefits and Features

Microsoft Flow can not be just used with the Microsoft Products but also with a wide variety of apps and services known as connectors by the Microsoft, like twitter, Box, DocuSign, Skype, SQL Server, Slack and Google Drive. API proxy services is being used to connect Microsoft Flow and these services.

It can help in saving Gmail attachments to OneDrive, sending email to the clients when Power BI is triggered, can save tweets that includes a specific hashtag to SharePoint list and many such more advantages.

With the high security it has an admin center, which allows the administrator to manage users, roles and permissions. Flow can also be used to copy files i.e. if the file is added to OneDrive or a Dropbox of business, then an automated workflow will create a copy file into the SharePoint.

These are the best four Microsoft business applications that are internally linked to each other to increase the productivity of your business. So, to compile with the today’s digital world any business i.e. manufacturing, trading or an industrial has to opt this software’s to grow.

The products are very useful to the small, medium and large businesses and especially to the Microsoft Partner companies. After having the software’s if you are lacking and carving for the highly skilled resources to work on your projects, making your operational cost almost to null! It will be the great deal for you, right?

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