Outsourcing is a common practice of contracting your business processes, projects or functions to third-party providers.

But it is believed that outsourcing or offsite staff augmentation work for large enterprises and not for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

But do you think this is true?

Nowadays, SMEs are also facing issues in hiring skilled consultants and completing projects.

Then, what are the steps to be taken to solve these issues?

Should you go for Outsourcing Companies?

Let’s get this answer by studying some of the major pain areas faced by SMEs:

Hiring can take time – Hiring of consultants is not an easy task for any size of the enterprise and the same is with SMEs. Right!

Getting a consultant with particular skill sets on an urgent basis becomes difficult for you too.

Lack of Skilled Resources – Anyhow you managed to hire a consultant on an urgent basis but is that resource skilled as per your requirements? Or you need to train them?

If the training is provided, then there will be a delay in work, resulting in late deliverables.

Project Delay – Due to lack of resources, sometimes it becomes difficult for you to deliver a project on time.

Increase Overall Costing – When you hire a team of consultants, you need to invest on operational cost (developing and managing infrastructure) and labour cost (from wages paid to employees to payroll taxes paid by you).

Resources not available on a contractual basis – To avoid project delay, you try to hire resources on a contractual basis but there are very fewer chances, to get resources for a particular time period, for your projects.

If you agree these are the major pain areas you suffer from, then outsourcing companies might help you to solve it. But this comes with another question:

Why go for outsourcing companies?

Come, let’s check some of the major benefits of choosing outsourcing companies for your Microsoft Dynamics Projects.

Hire Resources in Stipulated Time – Hiring was one of the major concerns. So, outsourcing companies can solve them by outsourcing IT consultants (available on a bench) to you, as per your requirements in stipulated time.

Access to Skilled Resources – Not just deploying resources but you can get access to deploy skilled resources as per your project requirements. As resources are trained on the latest technologies by outsourcing companies.

No Delay in Project – As you get access to skilled resources, outsource them on an urgent basis and they will start working on your project (as per your guidance) without any delay in deliverables.

Reduce Cost – Deploying resources at offsite can help you in saving operational cost as consultants will be working at an offsite location. They will be on outsourcing the company’s payroll, you just need to pay hourly charges of your deployed resources.

Resources Available on Contractual Basis – With outsourcing companies, you get the benefit of outsourcing consultants on a contractual basis. In this, you can deploy resources for months or years as per your project requirements.

By studying all the above points, you might have got an idea of why to choose an outsourcing company for SMEs.

But there are many outsourcing companies who provide offsite staff augmentation services. Then whom to choose? Especially, for SMEs (Microsoft Partner companies).

Which points to keep in mind while choosing Outsourcing Company for Microsoft Dynamics Projects?

This might be the question in your mind, not to worry! We have brief down some points that might help you to choose the right partner for your organization. Check it below:

  1. Are resources available on reasonable rates?

Every SMEs face issue in hiring resources at the initial stage and will to hire or outsource consultants at reasonable charges.

We, at Outsourcing Pundit, help you in augmenting Microsoft D365 consultants on monthly charges with reasonable price (as mentioned on our resource portal).

  1. Is outsourcing company focusing more on Microsoft Dynamics Projects?

Being a Microsoft Partner company, you wish to hire or outsource consultants from the experts, who are into the same field. That becomes easy for you to make them understand your requirements and work seamlessly on your project.

Outsourcing Pundit is dedicated to serving Microsoft Partner companies (either it’s small, medium or large enterprise) with skilled Microsoft Dynamics consultants. Hence, we can help you in augmenting right consultant for your Microsoft Dynamics Projects.

  1. Are Resources Available on Contractual Basis?

For SMEs, a number of projects are uncertain and have to keep less margin at initial stage to get a number of projects.

In this case, if you go for hiring a particular skilled resource for a particular project, on your payroll might disturb your overall revenue.

Therefore, we at Outsourcing Pundit help SMEs to outsource resources on contractual basis. Once your project completes, you can release them from your project and stop paying for them.

  1. Is there any responsible person to measure work performance of resources?

When you go for offsite staff augmentation service provider, you might not get a guarantee of resources to work performance.

But at Outsourcing Pundit, we take responsibility of our resources including their work performance and communication skills.

  1. Are resources trained to work on your projects?

Training of resources is important for outsourcing companies as they have to deploy resources for your projects, who can work instantly on it.

We also train Microsoft D365 consultants on the latest technologies before you augment them for your projects.

  1. Is resource dedicated only on your project?

Many outsourcing companies lack in dedicating resources on one project and that might create late delivery of the project.

But once you augment a consultant from Outsourcing Pundit, he will be only working on your project till the end of the contract been signed.

  1. Are there any tools used to obtain seamless communication?

We suggest our clients to, assign and track task by using specific project management tools and allow them to directly communicate with consultants to create seamless communication and complete the project before deadlines.

These are the points you need to keep in mind while choosing an outsourcing company for your Microsoft Dynamics projects.

If you are a Microsoft Partner company & looking to augment Microsoft Dynamics consultants on a contractual basis & at cost-effective prices, then feel free to contact us: reach@outsourcingpundit.com

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