Hiring employees is the initial stage for every company, where the company needs to take a very cautious step in selecting the candidate who can leverage the company’s growth.

Outsourcing Pundit works on this process very carefully to opt for the best resources for your future projects.

OP_LogoOutsourcing Pundit is an online portal, brimming with the skilled Microsoft Dynamic resources for the Microsoft partner companies’ projects at the off-site location.

Our vision is to allocate the best resources to the Microsoft partner companies globally, which are seeking for an off-site resource for their Microsoft projects.

If you are hiring an off-site resource, you will be willing to know how the resources are being screened by the outsourcing companies? Are the resources being screened and observed on the bases of current market requirements and their experience?

This is the common questions and should be asked before you hire any resources as you won’t be willing to face the same scenario as you did while hiring the resources for your on-site projects.

Outsourcing Pundit follows their basic portfolios while hiring the resources for your future projects. Let’s check out the screening process of Outsourcing Pundit.

The hiring of resources or candidates is being categorized in the main three sections.

  1. Freshers
  2. 2-3 years Experienced
  3. 4-5 years Experienced


We hire the freshers from colleges, the best part of hiring freshers is they are very enthusiastic, energetic to learn and explore the new technologies under our guidance and their own techno-skills.

Candidates from the different colleges and universities are being screened by our HR department and who are interested in technical filed is being listed out in sheet, mentioning their basic information.

1. Telephonic Interview

After this, HR will conduct a telephonic interview of an individual, asking some of the basic technical questions including degree holding, technical languages, skills, location preference, etc. and check fluency in communication, rating each answer out of 5.

If the candidate scores an average rating, then he/she are eligible for another round.

2. Written Test

The candidate will be called for the written test round. We have a set of papers containing questions like general aptitude, ability test, and technical language.

Each set of paper will have a combination of such 10-15 questions and will be of 15-20 marks. Based on the score and performance candidate will be selected for the next round of an interview.

3. Technical Interview

Technical interview will be conducted if the candidate scores above average in the written test.

In a technical round, candidates will be facing technical questions and will be judged on their capabilities and basic knowledge of the technical products.

4. Management Interview

As the candidate clears technical round, he/she is being called for the last and final management round. Management will be having some of the basic questions including their communication skills (as they are being hired for the export business), etiquettes and are really interested in working with us after the training period.

If the candidate clears all this round he/she is being selected and undergo our 2-3 months of the training period, where they are being trained on their interested filed and product.

After 3 months of training, a final test is being conducted and if they cleared the test they are being hired by our company on the payroll and ready to go on the field.

If they fail to pass the test they are again being undertaken for 1-2 months of training.

This was the process of how Outsourcing Pundit minutely chooses the best fresh resources for your projects, now let’s check out how we precisely opt the experienced candidates.

Probing for the skilled Microsoft Dynamics Resources for your Microsoft Projects? Deploy them today on off-site location.

2-3 years Experienced:

Our team of HR department also works on hiring the experienced resources through different job sites and networks including LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri.com and many more.

Candidates who show interest are being called for the first round i.e.

1. Telephonic Interview

In this phase, the candidate will be asked some of the basic questions with a few technical one. If they cleared scoring the average marks, they will be called for a second round.

2. Written Test

This phase will be judged the same way as it was for the freshers, but the test level will be high. If a candidate clears the test, he/she will be eligible for the next round of an interview.

The scoring required to clear the written test is to score above the average level.

3. Technical Interview

In this round candidate will be having an interview with the project manager, who will be judging him based on his knowledge and experience.

If the candidate clears the round he will be called for the last and final round.

4. Management Interview

Our management team will check his abilities to be patient, handling work pressure and etiquettes to work with our team and clients.

If the management is satisfied with his work abilities and etiquettes, he will be appointed for our company and will be on the field to work on your projects.

Now the category will be of resources having experience of more than 3 years.

3 to 5 years Experienced:

Resources are being searched through job sites and networks as we did for the 2 to 3 years of experienced resources.

1. Telephonic Conversation

If the candidates are interested our HR will have a telephonic interview, in which he/she will be asked the basic questions including degree holding, location preference, years of experience in which field and product.

Candidates are not being scored while telephonic call, they are called for the written test.

2. Written Test

The test undertaken by us is based on the experience he/she holds in the particular Microsoft product. As the candidate clears the test, scoring above the average will be called for the last and final interview round.

3. Management Interview

A candidate is being directly interviewed by the managerial team of our company and all the technical questions and a further process is undertaken by our management.

If all went well, the candidate is being hired by Outsourcing Pundit and resource is ready to work on your project at an off-site location.

This is our portfolios to hire resources/candidates from freshers’ level to the highly experienced one. Outsourcing Pundit will hire the resources who are talented, work-oriented and always ready to take challenges and learn new technologies in their best way.

If you are looking for such talented and work-oriented support consultants or development consultants at an off-site location, then we – Outsourcing Pundit is one of the best choices for you.

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