In the world of the latest technology, it becomes important for every person and company to productize their task.

For IT companies like Microsoft Partners, need to always work with the time and latest technology that brings innovation into consumers life.

Hence, they need to productize the task of each and every employee to get the best results out of them and for that, they have a team of Human Resource Management.

The job of Human Resources is from hiring, recruiting, training to maintain and managing all the activities going in-house for the company.

Hiring, Recruiting and Training of Resources

Due to the workload of hiring, recruiting and training of the resources, they lack focus on the productivity of employees.

The major time-consuming task for any HR department is hiring and recruiting of resources.

Especially, when it comes to Microsoft Partner companies, they need to hire skilled Microsoft Dynamics consultants for their latest implementation or upgradation projects in the shortest time.

Therefore, the HR team needs to prepare the job requirement and, on that bases, they need to market for the job opening on different online job application systems.

After this, the procedure of hiring begins and with that issues like calling candidates, scheduling interviews, test paper preparation, training and so on comes in picture.

Augment Microsoft D365 Technical Consultants for your Microsoft Dynamics Projects on Contractual Bases from Outsourcing Pundit.

Once the resource is hired, the training process has to be conducted and all the arrangements need to be done by the HR Team.

Due to any reason if the resource leaves the job after training, then again, the procedure of hiring will be conducted, resulting in project delay.

Hence, by this we can conclude that the most consumed time for any Human Resource Management team is in hiring, recruiting and training of resources, that makes them less focused on other in-house activities.

This is the very common issues faced by every Human Resource Management, then what can be the solution to it?

How you can productize your HR Task?


Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation is the process of hiring resources at offsite, as per your project requirements.

Augmenting of resources, especially for Microsoft Partner companies can help them in solving issues of Human Resource Management.

You can augment resources on contractual bases, that can save your operational cost, HR time and double up the work speed.

Outsourcing Pundit is one of the leading IT staff augmentation service providers, helping Microsoft Partners to augment Microsoft D365 technical consultants on contractual bases.

The hiring of Microsoft Dynamics consultants gets easy with us, as we have a resource portal that is brimming with skilled Microsoft Dynamics consultants.

Partnering with us will help you in hiring resources without any posting of job requirements on online job application systems, saving your HR time and helping them in focusing other in-house activities.

We have a resource portal, where you can screen resources as per your requirements with their work experience and detailed skill sets mentioned on portal.

Outsourcing Pundit trains their resources on the current market needs and as per the project requirements mentioned by partners.

There are many staff augmentation companies who provide resources on contractual bases, but they are for many services including, software development, digital marketing, web development, etc.

But our focus is on Microsoft Dynamics staff augmentation for Microsoft Partners. We have a high-tech infrastructure with high connectivity, wherein resources can work comfortably.

Your Human Resource Management team doesn’t need to hire, recruit or in fact train technical resources, as it is done by Outsourcing Pundit.

For augmenting resources on urgent bases for your Microsoft Dynamics Projects you just simply login our portal, screen resources as per requirements and augment them as per your required time period.


Hence, IT Staff Augmentation, especially for Microsoft Dynamics projects will help your HR Team to focus on the other in-house activities, increasing their and other employees’ productivity.

And this is how you can productize your HR Task by staff augmenting D365 resources from Outsourcing Pundit.

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