The world is digitally transforming from technology to the daily lifestyle of a human being. The manufacturers and traders are also moving faster in this technical world.

The fast transforming of the world towards digital tech comes in the cup of the IT companies, hence, the companies have to be a step ahead from every technology released.

This makes the IT companies be more in pressure, in keeping step forward with the digital world. Currently, cloud computing technology is the word taking place in the IT world.

With every day updating system, it becomes hard for the employees and employers to be in sync with the latest technologies and keep updating on it.

Employers are not an all-rounder in the corporate world, they need employees to increase the productivity of the business. Every boss of the company wants to hire the highly skilled resources for their business.

But the core issues faced by such bosses, IT companies and especially Microsoft Partner Companies are:

  1. Hiring Resources – Companies are facing this issue while hiring the skilled resources of their projects. Also, it becomes tough to hire resources in the pre-located area of the company.

It takes time to find the best resources for a particular project, time and place and that creates a delay in project manufacturing, leading to a loss at the ultimate revenue.

  1. Employee Productivity – The company needs to keep updating the systems and with that need to train the employee for the same for increasing the productivity of the employee, which might lead the company’s profit.

Hence, the company has to invest in the employee’s productivity without guarantee of earning any profit in the future of this invested amount.

  1. Employees Training – The technologies are getting updated and employees need to be trained for the same technologies. Therefore, the company needs to invest in the trainer and the employees to be trained in the current market trend and technologies.

The training in IT companies leads up to five to six months and again the same scenario, no guarantee of the employee to be the part of the company for the long term.

  1. It Infrastructure – The IT companies totally work on internet base and for that, the company has to be on feet for the data security and connectivity.

Companies are investing a large percent of the revenue on the connectivity and data security of the organization.

  1. Managing the Operational Costs – This all upper mentioned points leads to the operational cost of the company.

Company’s invest around 30% of the revenue on the employees to sustain their productivity and willing to get the good revenue of the same.

After giving the training and all the facilities employee’s will to switch the job if they get the good opportunity and at sometimes employee’s leaves the ongoing project in mid and leading in the delayed delivery of the project.

Even these issues are being faced by the well-known companies like Microsoft Partner Companies, who are having the bulk of projects to do and all the Microsoft business applications that help them to deliver the best services to their customers but due to the lack in skilled resources at their particular location and time makes it difficult to complete the projects in time.

Therefore, to overcome this dilemma, we have introduced a new resources portal – Outsourcing Pundit.

What is an Outsourcing Pundit?

OP_LogoOutsourcing Pundit – A Staff Augmenting Portal, brimming with the highly skilled Microsoft Dynamics Professionals. Especially, serving the Microsoft Partner companies for accomplishing your requirements.

The portal is brimming with the resources having the expertise in different products of Microsoft and with the distinct years of experience.

You will be thinking the portal will be hard to access, confusing and time-consuming as the other portals. But No, the best part of the portal is that you can browse it very easily in just three to four simple and easy steps. Resources are highly skilled in Microsoft products and dedicated to their work.

Willing to have a look at our resource’s portal? Register today for a Demo-Session.

On the Outsourcing Pundit Resources portal, you will be able to screen, interview and select the resources as per your requirements from the portal itself.

The simplest way to get the access of our portal is just to sign one NDA and you will be able to access the resources portal, brimming with the Microsoft professionals.

Infrastructure at Outsourcing Pundit

As the resources are working off-site at Outsourcing Pundit site for your projects, so it becomes a primary requirement of providing the best infrastructure facility to an employee.

If the atmosphere and surrounding are pleasant and enjoyable, will help you to get the best work delivery. Simple is that if you are willing to have a quality in work, create the best infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure – Outsourcing Pundit has a high-end infrastructure to provide uninterrupted connectivity between resources and company.
  • Uninterrupted Communication – The high-ended systems for the employees to let resources work on the optimum level with an uninterrupted communication system.
  • Seating Arrangements – The seating arrangements for the employees are arranged in such a comfortable way that can help them sit for a long duration.
  • Connectivity with the company – The company provides uninterrupted connectivity between the company and resources to get the real tracking of the work.

Not just the infrastructure is important but with that what are the facilities and benefits Outsourcing Pundit provide than others are here, just check out its benefits and facilities:

Benefits of Outsourcing Pundit

  • Country Specific Resources – One of the best options, you can also hire the resources for your overseas clients at the off-site location of Outsourcing Pundit.
  • Trained Resources – Resources are being trained before placing on the portal and also being upskilled on the bases of your project needs.
  • Dynamics Resources – The portal has the largest pool of Microsoft Dynamics resources.
  • Easy Hiring Process – By following just three steps you can hire the best resources. The easiest and simplest way of hiring resources.
  • Provision of HOTO (Hand Over/Take Over) – Delivering of the HOTO (Hand Over/Take Over) of the resource, in-case if the employee leaves the project in mid-way.
  • Two-way screening process – Resources are screened twice before allocating to your project, one by the Outsourcing Pundit and other by your end.
  • No Operational Cost – As resources are deployed off-site at Outsourcing Pundit site, the operational cost of the customer’s organization reduces.
  • Increase Productivity – Your HR Department can utilize time on increasing productivity of the employees and other products and activities as resources hiring and training is monitored by Outsourcing Pundit.
  • Resources available on the bench – Resources at Outsourcing Pundit are augmented for your future projects, hence your project team doesn’t need to bang their heads on solving the issues of resources.

With all these benefits you will be able to reduce the issues and increase the productivity and sales count of your organization. Therefore, before it gets late, choose the best Microsoft skilled professionals today as per your project requirements.

A Session with Outsourcing Pundit

The companies who are interested in the services of the Outsourcing Pundit and willing to reduce the operational cost of the company along with that increase the productivity, then the best option is deploying the highly skilled resources from Outsourcing Pundit.

For a demo-session of Outsourcing Pundit resources portal, feel free to drop a message to us and will get back to you at the earliest.

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