Bored of using the same templates of D365FO for your sales invoice?

Not to worry, today, I will explain to you how to install some of the modern design templates for Microsoft D365FO that can help you create your branding properly and an eye-catchy invoice.

Let’s begin with the process of installing the modern report design templates for D365FO in the application site.

By these samples, you can create graphically rich business documents with flexible branding in header and footer.

Note: These modern reports will be generated when the transactions are generated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

To use the modern report design templates, you need to install a set of developing tools that takes the form of report designs for several core business documents in the application suite.

After the installation, follow the below steps to set up the branding that can be used on the modern designs for application business documents.

You will find brand management tools on Organization Administration

  1. Go to Organization Administration
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Open Document Branding
  4. Fill the Branding details

The designs do not default for the application suite reports, so why is this the issue? If the templates are designed for report generation.

So, the basic thing about this is, we are maintaining legacy solutions for Finance and Operations for two primary reasons:

Modern designs don’t use code: As we know that the legacy solutions use embedded code (Microsoft Visual Basic) to generate regular requirements and configure keys as per the regions. But the new modern report designs are not so flexible.

Modern designs aren’t available for all business documents: As per the upper point mentioned it has less flexibility, creating a gap between the supporting business documents and availability of modern report designs.

Installing Modern Report Designs

The bundle of modern report designs is installed into a model file and posted to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). So, it becomes easy to access it from your existing subscription.

Follow the steps to install the modern report designs for application suite:

  1. Sign into LCS to access the development dashboard
  2. Go to Shared Asset Library page
  3. Select Modal Asset type
  4. Download ApplicationSuiteModernDesigns modal file
  5. Save the file at the accessible location from the development environment

Install Model File

  1. Import model file into your local environment
  2. Install a model file in the FO development environment.

To install a model file, use the ModelUtil.exe tool and -import directive. For example,

“ ModelUtil.exe -import -metadatastorepath=[path of the metadata store] -file=[full path of the file to import] ”

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Navigate & Run Command:

Guide it to the: J:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory\bin folder.

Run the command: “ ModelUtil.exe -import -metadatastorepath=J:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory -file=”E:\Test\AppSuiteModernDesigns.axmodel”” “

After importing the model files into the development environment, start the Microsoft Visual Studio.

With this also verify that the Application Suite – Modern Designs collection appears under the AOT node in Application Explorer.

After all this process Application Suite Modern Designs are being installed, now we will proceed to rebuild the application suite to update the metadata elements.

Rebuild Application Suite

Build the Application Suite model by using Microsoft Visual Studio, as Application Suite Modern Designs model is the extension of the Application Suite model.

So, to be sure that all the application references are updated to target those model extensions.

Follow the steps to rebuild the Application Suite model:

  1. Start Visual Studio 2015, or use the existing one
  2. On the Dynamics 365 menu, select Build models
  3. In the list, select the ApplicationSuite package
  4. Select the build option

This may take 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of your machine.

As the installation is completed we will be stepping towards applying the modern designs.

After the compilation, you should verify the changes locally. For that, you need to deploy the new modern report design solutions to the instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), which is running locally.

Incorporate Modern Report Design

Follow the steps to incorporate Modern Report Designs with an existing application suite report:

  1. Create a project that needs an Application Suite report
  2. Go to Application Explorer, under the Application Suite Modern Designs model
  3. Expand the Reports node
  4. Now expand the Reports subnode, select all items in a folder
  5. Right-click and select add to a new project
  6. Complete the new project wizard and accept all default values
  7. Go to solution explorer, select the project
  8. Right-click and select Deploy reports

After this process the modern report design is being added to an existing report, the benefit is that you can use both the parameter i.e. handling and data provider that the out of box solution uses.

Print Management Settings

At this point, you must able to access the modern report designs from the application. But before you deploy them to production environments, you should test validations on the modern report design templates.

For test validations, you need to active modern report designs for the application business process.

Last few steps to follow to update print management settings for generating customer sales orders by using modern report design solution.

Let’s take an example of Accounts receivable, in that we need to select Account Receivable – Setup – – Forms – Form Setup.

  1. Open the form setup page for the module
  2. Select print management & open print management setup page
  3. Expand the list & find the settings for Sales order confirmation document
  4. Select Original<Default> to modify default document routing
  5. In Report format list, select Report to enable modern report designs
  6. Open another page that forces a save operation to occur
  7. Post the sales order to view the modern design in an application

This will give your report a new look and design, check the following illustration showing how an earlier design for a sales invoice differs from a modern sales invoice design.

Old design for a sales invoice Vs. a modern sales invoice design

I hope you got an idea of installing modern report design templates for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

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Article Reference: Microsoft

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