Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the year of 2016, a cloud-based business applications platform that collaborates with components of the enterprise resources planning-ERP and customer relationship management-CRM, along with the artificial intelligence tools, productivity and business applications.

In this article we will be focusing on the vital point of the businesses – Sales! How each size business can grow and expand their productivity in this digitally transforming world. This application – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is specially designed for the sales reps, managers and individuals, helping in making intelligent decisions on your leads and operations to close the sales target.

In the digitally transforming world the application is available in the web browser and can be integrated directly with the outlook or with purpose built mobile apps. Offering the 365-degree view of the critical situation for your business development processes, helping in maximizing the revenue opportunities and collaborate effectively with teams.

Let’s probe the following features being offered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Sales for Sellers:

  • Relationship analytics – It helps in gathering the information throughout the Dynamics 365 Sales database and create a graphical design in the reference of the KPIs and the activity histories. This feature will give you the exact view of the sales through graphical presentation.
  • Predictive lead scoring – It becomes crucial for the sales person to prioritize the quality leads and that becomes a time-consuming task, so not to worry, this feature helps you to focus on the quality leads based on the revenue generation efforts.
  • Predictive opportunity scoring – The same as the lead scoring it will help you in prioritize the quality opportunities based on the revenue generation efforts.
  • Notes analysis – The work of this feature is simple and that can make you help you to be a smart person. This feature keeps an eye and monitors the notes you enter while interacting with the clients or in the meeting or in a discussion by providing you intelligent suggestions.
  • Talking points – This feature display topics to start the conversation with your customers as per there last message. Messages includes, sports, vacation, family, and entertainment.
  • Who knows whom – Being a sales person you have to interact with the leads to whom you don’t know, but the Dynamics 365 Sales helps you in getting the details of your colleagues such as name and email address. This can help you to interact the leads through your colleague and increase the chances of the positive outcome.

The all mentioned features can help an individual sales person to improve the effectiveness of their business development activities.

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Dynamics 365 Sales is not just for the sales representatives but is also very helpful for the sales manager to manage the overall business growth within the one application and with the facility to be used anywhere at any place. Due to its cloud services sales manager can access the app through their cell phones also.

Being a sales manager, it becomes important for you to understand that your business is doing well at each level of sales such as lead generation, account creation, contact setup, opportunity management and quote management. This app will help you to get detailed information on all phases of sales cycle, create day-to-day activities and help you understand how your team is performing.

There is a business option in the app of Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, select the business option and you will be able to browse the following tabs as per your requirements:

  • Forecast – This option will give you the overview of the sales against the intended quote for the sales period.
  • Actuals – In this tab you will be able check and understand how much deals you have won and why you are losing the deals for the sales period.
  • Pipeline – It helps you in understanding the opportunities that you have in the pipeline to achieve your goals, you can understand the opportunities that are at the high risk and prioritize the right opportunities.
  • Activities – This tab helps you to keep an eye on the activities held by the teams such as communicating with client and time spent to enable the sales. The communication includes, call, emails, and meetings.
  • Leads – Guides you to pitch the right leads which are available in the pipeline and know if you are prioritizing the proper leads to achieve the sales target.

This helps your sales to get the clear view of the risk and goals to be achieved. All the above-mentioned points become helpful for your sales manager to run the business with more clear vision and analyse the threats by using the Dynamics 365 AI for Sales.

The new upgrade version of D365 AI for Sales is an improved version for the engagements and decision making with the embedded insights that are quick to deploy and easy to act on. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales solutions app give the proactive, perspective and useful insights on the sales data of your organization. The app helps your sales manager to get the clear and exact view on the sales targets, threats and opportunities mentioned in the pipeline and improve the performance of the sales teams with Dynamics 365.

Watch this video to know some highlights including sales and minded dashboards that gives you insights on data you share and act on. Re-usable templates to share some information on it with your teams. Even collaborating tools and integrating with the other apps like excel, Skype and even business process customization so that the tool works like your organization does. Using the power of cloud, it can do everything from preparing quotes, qualifying leads, understanding risks and threats, prioritizing opportunities to managing your pipeline.

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