Either to go for IT Recruitment Agency or Outsourcing Company? Who will be the right fit partner for our organization?

These are the common questions, especially when you are in an urgent requirement of resources. Microsoft Partner companies suffer from hiring issue and are unable to find the right candidate as per their project requirements in a short time.

In such situation, they think of IT Recruitment Agency (who will help you in hiring in-house resources) or Outsourcing Company (who will help you in offsite staff augmentation), but who to choose for your organization?

Probe the following points to choose the right partner for your organization:

Speed of Hiring

IT Recruitment companies help in recruiting in-house candidates as per your requirements. They recruit candidates as per the job description provided by you.

But do they recruit candidates on time?

When you go for IT Recruitment company, they ask for stipulated time to recruit candidate as per your requirements.

Wherein, with Outsourcing Company it becomes a little easy, as they have resources available on the bench.

Therefore, you can browse resources profile and outsource them for your projects in no time. Here, you will be able to screen resources and interview those who are fit for your project.

We at Outsourcing Pundit, help Microsoft Partners to outsource technical consultants from our resource portal.

Offsite Staff Augmenting from outsourcing pundit is easy and you can outsource technical consultants on a contractual basis.

Finding Right Candidates

When it comes to hiring a technical consultant for your Microsoft Dynamics Projects, IT Recruitment companies need a detailed job description as per your project needs.

They recruit consultants as per the job description (given by you), but sometimes recruitment agencies lack in matching the requirements.

But with outsourcing companies like Outsourcing Pundit, we train resources and screen them before placing their profile on the portal.

Hence, consultants are screened twice, once by our technical experts and second by clients, before they augment them for their projects.

Cost of Hiring

The time you contact IT Recruitment Agency and assign the task of recruiting candidates, the cost meter starts. There are many job portals who charge for browsing resumes of candidates.

Therefore, you need to pay to just browse the resumes of resources and when you hire a resource you need to pay some percentage of his annual income (approx. one-month salary) to agencies.

Plus, the resource will be on your payroll and this additional recruitment cost will increase the estimated cost of hiring a resource.

But what if there is no charge in browsing resumes of resources? Pay only when you outsource them.

There are many Outsourcing Companies, who help you in offsite staff augmenting as per your requirements and charge only when you augment resources.

Outsourcing Pundit is one of that outsourcing company, which helps Microsoft Partners to outsource resources from their resource portal.

Where you can screen resources on the portal, take an interview and then augment them. Plus, resources will not be on your payroll.

Technical consultants are on outsourcing pundit’s payroll, you just need to pay fixed monthly charges (mentioned on the portal) of augmented resources.

This will save you from paying extra cost to IT recruitment companies and also saves your operational cost.

Measuring Resources Performance

Work of an IT Recruitment Agency is to recruit in-house candidates as per your company’s requirements.

And as you hire resources from them, they are not responsible for their work performance. It becomes your responsibility to train resources and improve their work performance.

But when you are in an urgent requirement of skilled consultants, it becomes difficult to train that resources and let them work on the project.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose outsourcing companies, as they are responsible for the work performance of resources augmented by you.

We at Outsourcing Pundit, take responsibility for augmented resources and train them on the latest technologies and as per your requirements before you augment them for your projects.

There are monthly meetings with the whole team to know the work performance of consultants and track the live status of the project.

This will help you to invest your time in other in-house activities, as we take responsibility to train the resources and improve their work performance.


By studying all the above-mentioned points, you might have got an idea of either to choose IT Recruitment Agency or Outsourcing Company, for an urgent requirement of technical consultants for your Microsoft Dynamics Projects.

If you are having any project to complete it on an urgent basis, augment technical consultants from Outsourcing Pundit and achieve your targets before time.

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