Why integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC with an E-commerce website?

Has that become so much important to integrate your e-commerce website with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC?

What are the benefits of doing this?

This is very basic and general questions rising in the e-commerce world. As you all know the globe is moving towards the digitalization, due to this people are more towards the digital media.

E-commerce websites have taken their markets high as people prefer online shopping more, either it’s a monthly grocery shopping or clothes shopping or even gift shopping, they believe online shopping is more convenient and easier.

This has increased the demand for e-commerce websites, making the market high. Due to this, the competition between many e-commerce websites has increased.

This makes the businesses to work on the offers and make the use of e-commerce website easy and more secure.

As the number of customer increases, the more security of the user data is needed and also maintain details of an individual customer.

Not only this, an organization who is running an e-commerce portal needs to check on the daily bases that the stock available in enough.

The manual work of handling the e-commerce websites make the business slow and accurate results won’t be achieved.

To maintain finance, sales, purchase, and inventory of the whole e-commerce website manually can make big trouble to the organization.

To avoid any such tragedy ERP is the solution to it, integrating the ERP system with E-commerce websites can resolve many of these all issues.

Microsoft has developed many business applications/ products that can help the commercial business to work easier with the technologies.

One of the leading Microsoft products used for e-commerce websites is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Microsoft D365 BC).

This ERP system can work automatic, once you need to fix the flow and it will reduce all your manual entries of the data and give the security too.

Microsoft D365 BC is integrated through API, provided by the e-commerce websites. The API is linked with the ERP system.

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Once it is linked with it, a predefined flow or programming is being fitted as per the client’s requirements.

This can benefit the organization as finance, sales, purchase, and inventory all come under the ERP system and it smoothens up the process for the teams of an organization.

As the purchase is done, it is automatically updated in the ERP system, including, customer’s data, purchase order with the product details.

With Microsoft D365 BC you can also generate the alerts if any product is getting out of stock. For example, if the product quantity reaches ten, then an automated alert is generated to the respective teams.

This can be helpful as there will be no manual checkup of product quantity. Not only this it can also keep the count and alert of an individual variant product.

The data is being secured in the ERP systems, so if the website is being hacked than also you can get the data from the ERP system till the last back update.

It becomes the major duty of the organization to protect its data. Hence, ERP system is designed such a way that it protects the data of the customers, however, the website is being hacked and data vanishes, but ERP system has the data stored till the last back update.

This all benefits come under the Microsoft D365 BC that can reduce the manual work of handling the e-commerce website and improve the data security.

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