Companies are being driven by a group of leaders and teams, respectively. The leaders in the companies are mostly Project Managers.

Am I right?

If the leaders of companies are Project Managers, then some part of the company’s productivity and profit depend on them.

But if the project managers are unable to manage the work and team then what will be the scenario of the company?

It might be unpredictable right!

Especially for the IT companies, it becomes tough for the project manager to complete the task in the time, which leads to delay in the company’s productivity and sales.

Then what to do or what are the steps to be taken to increase the productivity of your project managers?

First, we will discuss what are the major duties a project manager takes in his/her kitty. So, we can have a look and manage their task to increase their productivity.

Let’s begin with some of the major duties:

Track of Resources:

Every project manager has a team from whom he has to take the work as per their job roles. Tracking of resources includes their absence, presence, his/her job role, what are the issues of not being on time or not completing the task on time, tracking of work capabilities and abilities of an individual and many more.

This seems easy but it’s not easy as it seems. Handling ten software’s at a time can be easy at once but handling a team of ten at a time and making them work on the projects is not so easy.

You might be thinking about how she can say in such a strong will! Ahann, these are not my words. This is what I have heard from many team leaders and recently from my team leader too. Hahaha… and if any project manager is reading the article then he/she don’t need proof for this. Am I right leaders?

The second major issue can be assigned the work to the resources and make that done in the given time.

Assigning Task to Resources:

A team is a formation of all the mixed skilled and experienced persons with their own capacities and working styles.

The manager needs to assign the task to the team as per their experience and capabilities. This leads them to examine a resource carefully and find a strong working point of an individual.

Suppose, a resource is given a work of report development and he/she is unable to make it as per the requirements, then it becomes the duty of the project manager to make it done by other or lastly, he/she has to work on it.

If the needed project manager has to train the employee, so, that he can work on the project and that also invests his/her time.

I know this is the main pain area suffered by the companies and especially the IT companies as there is more work pressure with a number of ongoing projects.

Another major issue is when the project comes at the highest priority and it needs a team to be worked on with him/her.

Priority base Projects:

If the project comes and it has the highest priority, but the team is already oriented on one project, then again, the pressure goes on the project manager.

How pressure goes on the project manager?

I known project managers know the answer very well, but for everyone, I will be answering how it becomes pressure for them.

Suppose a project is there and it needs a team of technical consultants, but all the employed resources are busy in the other projects. Then who’s going to work on the priority project?

So, the managers are assigned work of hiring the team who might work on the new project or on the older one.

This situation depends on the project requirements and how skilled resources do project manager gets while hiring. Here’s not the end, he/she has to start work on the prioritize project and also coordinate with the team on current going projects.

Offff! This was the word from my mouth when I came to know all this work comes under the project manager’s bag.

The toughest work is of being the project manager it feels like a sandwich, being always banged by all the sides, either it’s client’s side or employees’ side or not any one of this then there is always a bang from the boss side.

This might sound so funny, but it is the bitter truth, the mixture of all this makes the manager of the company.

Above mentioned are all the prime duties but not only this, as he/she is also working side by side on one of the major implementation or add-on projects of the company.

Meanwhile in all this stuff, how a project manager thinks of leveraging his productivity? How he can implement the best of his knowledge in increasing the productivity of his own and the company?

Not to worry, I have a solution as we are here to help such companies and project managers who themselves want to improve their productivity and believe in self-development by adopting new ways to leverage their business revenue.

As we studied the issues, the solution is now easy.

Seeing the scenario, the majority of the issues are related to resources working in their team and the company.

If the burden of handling resources at an on-site location vanishes out! Then it will be a great help to the project manager and the company too.

But the questions come like:

How it can be possible to work without resources? How projects will be completed?

Relax! Have you heard about outsourcing resources at an off-site location?

Yes, this is the solution. Outsourcing resources at off-site will reduce half of the pressure of your project manager as he will be guiding resources virtually.

Outsourcing Pundit is one, who serves the Microsoft Dynamics skilled resources at an off-site location.

The benefit will be including no training needed to be given as the employees will be trained by the outsourcing company itself, no tracking of resources availability, virtually handling of the task given to resources, and many more.

The all above mentioned benefits can let the project manager work on their skills and projects that can help them to maximize their productivity.

They can invest time on R&D of the projects and complete it within the mentioned time period, also they don’t need to run to hire the resources for the priority base projects.

Just a visit to resource’s portal of the companies providing off-site resources like outsourcing Pundit and project manager will find the resources relevant to their projects and hire them in no time.

The work gets simple and easy for them and without any pressure and fear of deadlines, he/she can handle two – three projects along with that they can work on their implementation project too.

Outsourcing Pundit is one of the leading resource’s portals that can assist you with the skilled resources as per your project requirements.

Request a demo-session of the Outsourcing Pundit resources portal Today!

About Outsourcing Pundit

OP_LogoOutsourcing Pundit is an Offsite Staff Augmentation company having a large pool of resources for different Microsoft Product portfolio. Resources are available as per different expertise and experience based on customer requirement. Outsourcing Pundit act as an e-commerce platform wherein resources is available on the portal as per category. They can be screened, interviewed and selected from the portal itself.

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