Workplace impacts work quality. Do you agree?

Yes, the surrounding environment impacts human nature and thinking, if a person is working in calm and peaceful place the work quality and quantity will be good compared to the person working in such a noisy environment.

Not only the environment but the people surrounding them makes an impact on individual work.

Therefore, being an outsourcing company, we have set up some of the basic rules and regulations to be followed to maintain the positive and live working atmosphere.

Following rules and regulations make our employees more active and disciplined towards their work.

The high-ended infrastructure makes them feel relaxed and comfortable to work, focusing on their respective projects very comfortably.

When you hire the resources at an off-site location, what do you expect while hiring the resources from Outsourcing companies?

Being on time? Or working on the tasks as per the deadlines are given?

Both the things, right!

The resources at Outsourcing Pundit are such a work-oriented and lively living, inspiring our organization to be more lively towards work, life and stay positive.

Also, they are very conscious of the work deadlines and are passionate to deliver the work before the deadlines.

Rather than the working skills, let’s check how the projects are being tackled and completed in the given time that is given by you!

After all process of finalizing the resources for your project work, a conference meeting is being held virtually through communication tools.

In kick-off meeting with a client, our team of Client Relationship Manager, Project Manager and a resource which is hired will attend the meeting.

In the meeting, the client will brief the team with the work roles to be performed for completing the project.

Our Project Manager will also be the part of the meeting, consequently, if a resource is absent due to any reason, he can allocate the work of client to other compatible resources, so the work of client doesn’t stop.

After the kick-off meeting, tasks are being listed by the clients on the task tracking portal. The time for completing the task is being mentioned by our resources.

As time is mentioned and all basic procedure is being done, resources start working on the project and the task is being tracked by your project manager through task tracking portal.

Resources are not allowed to use their cell phones or any material that can affect the client’s data while working, as we care for our client’s data security.

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After 15 days the meeting is being done between resources, client and client relationship manager.

In this meeting, it is being checked and reviews are being taken from the client’s end if the client is facing any issue while working with our resources virtually or having any doubt or an issue in the project execution.

The work will be checked, and issues will be resolved while the meeting only, this can help us and you to improve the working way and productivity that leads all of us to a good business partner and increase our businesses virtually.

Our resources are master in their work but if they need any assistance from your project manager then they will be coordinating with one of the coordinating tools, that can help you to track their doubts and quires and help you in resolving.

The project execution process is being tracked through the different portals, as it will be updated daily by our resources and by your end too.

This is the major point that you will be having, virtually tracking of each step taken for your project to be done.

Resources at Outsourcing Pundit are very smart and wise that if they have any small quires or issues they solve internally through the expert’s help if they didn’t get the idea or right resolution then only they will ask the assistance of your project manager.

Again, the meeting will be held after 15 days with the client relationship managers, project manager, resources and client, to discuss the workflow and if any changes needed in the work procedure.

Resources at Outsourcing Pundit are fun loving and also believes in celebrating every festival with managing the time of doing work.

Outsourcing Pundit works in shifts also, so when you are working they can work with you or when you are leaving for the home our team will be working on your projects.

Resources walk an extra mile for completing the projects not to just complete the project but to leverage their working skills and knowledge on that particular project.

Deploy our D365 BC/FO resources for your Microsoft Dynamics projects and be relaxed, they will work as per your requirements and make it done in a mentioned time period.

Register for a demo session and get access to our resource’s portal and guidance by our experts on hiring resources at an off-site location for your any Microsoft D365 FO/BC projects.

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