Cloud computing is a term which is mostly been used in today’s time, especially by IT companies, industries, and manufacturers. Cloud computing means storing all the data of the companies on the hosted services over the internet.

Now every IT companies prefer the cloud computing system but every data to be stored and manage without its application gets arduous to work on it. The data or information of the companies and industries are being updated in the ERP.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business process management software, allowing the organization to integrate its all features including product planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing, development.

ERP systems have come a long way in delivering world-class manufacturing solutions. It has become the mandatory standard for the manufacturing units.

In this digitally transforming world, cloud-based ERP system has become the emerging future for the ERP system.

What is a Cloud-based ERP System?

Cloud-Based ERP system is a full suite with all the necessary ERP modules, hosted on a cloud computing platform, providing flexible business process transformation.

In this, a user pays on the monthly bases or as per the usage of the hardware and software used by the organization.

The ERP system is based on the Software as Service (SaaS) – a software built and maintained by the vendor, who have software on their own server providing services to the organizations through the internet.

This software increases the accessibility through the internet, helping organizations to create, share and transfer the data across the business premises, as well as externally on real-time bases.

This is the great news for all the IT and big businesses and organizations to access the company’s data all around the world without any external hardware.

Let’s go through some of the best benefits offered by Cloud-based ERP Systems.

Benefits offered by Cloud-based ERP System:

  • Reduces Cost

Hardware & Data Server – The whole system runs on the cloud server, that reduces upfront costs for all computing infrastructure including hardware and data servers.

IT Support – The vendor providing services will be also serving you with the IT support services that reduce the total cost of the company.

Software Licenses – You will be free from paying the beforehand monthly fee for application software licenses.

Updates & Upgrades – Reduces the cost of updating and upgrading applications as it will be part of the vendor of maintaining and supporting those applications.

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  • Additional Advantages

Paying for the needs – As you will be taking the services on the rental bases from the vendor. You are going to pay for the resources you need, reducing the cost of the company.

Fixed Pay – There are predefined pay scales as per the services you choose, so it is a monthly pay system and rest remaining amount you can invest in the other business initiatives.

Faster the Process – The cloud ERP system applications are faster as the installation of the hardware and software is not been needed either at the user or server side.

Pay per Use– You can adjust the amount of cloud service as a company’s computing and storage fluctuates every time.

Data Backup – When there were no cloud computing systems, it was very difficult to maintain the data of the organization but in this feature, it will be surely having the backup of the data and even recover the data in any disaster situation.

Security – There are high chances in hacking the data which are stored locally, where the data are being stored in the cloud with the security logins.

Expand Geographically – The very beneficiary point of Cloud ERP system is that you can access it from any corner of the world with the help of just an internet connection. This can expand the business geographically as there would be no need for external hardware or software at the remote location.

Cloud ERP System also keeps on updating and notifying the organizations if any updates to the software in real time.

This cloud base system helps you in cost reduction and provides the easy accessibility of the data at any location through the internet.

There are some challenges while adopting Cloud ERP System such as data security – this is one of the biggest issues as data are fully web accessible, customization limitation – the older version is going to be standard as cloud-based system are being configured, price contemplation – as the system is new and considered superior, might cost more.

This is some of the basic cons and everything has some cons with a greater number of pros. Cloud-Based ERP System is a future’s most emerging technology for every type of businesses.

The best Cloud ERP system is being served by the Microsoft naming Microsoft Dynamics 365, with most primary could computing services like cost, speed, global scale, productivity, performance, and most importantly security.

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