Hiring an IT consultant is a challenge and when you have immediate requirement of them, you might not have too much time to spare on finding the right match for your project requirements.

This turns out to be a stressful task and that is where Offsite IT Staff Augmentation plays their role.

But then again, how can you know that partnering with particular Offsite Staff Augmentation company can resolve your issue?

Well, here are the key skills you should look at an offsite IT staff augmentation partner:

How easy it is to get resources?

As you require IT talent on an urgent basis, you go for IT staff augmentation services, but do you get the resources on an urgent basis, as per your requirements?

Is there any dedicated portal, where you can screen detail skill sets of resources, before augmenting them for your project?

Don’t worry!

At Outsourcing Pundit, we have dedicated resource portal, brimming with skilled IT consultants and our team of experts will also help you to augment them.

In fact, in this situation wherein, you are looking for any specific Microsoft Dynamics resources, then our team of experts will augment IT resources or train them in stipulated time as per your requirements.

Hence, without going through the trouble of hiring or facing issues with other staff augmenting companies you can augment IT consultants from our portal.

Is the company dedicated to one service?

There are very less Offsite IT staff augmenting companies focusing only on one service, they usually choose two to three services including, software development, web development, digital marketing etc.

Due to this, they lack in hiring skilled resources as per your project needs and resources may work on multiple projects to complete the requirements.

But Outsourcing Pundit is a single service providing IT staff augmenting company, where you can browse a number of skilled resources on the portal and augment them for your own project.

Our focus is to hire resources for Microsoft Partners, who can easily augment IT consultants for their Microsoft Dynamics projects.

Does the company have specific skills that are required?

The main feature of an Offsite IT Staff Augmenting organization is to match the skill set to your requirements.

But, what if your IT staff augmenting company lacks in this? Are you able to get the IT consultants trained as per current market technologies, and can work as per your project needs?

At Outsourcing Pundit, we keep pace with changing technologies and train our resources on them, and that is why we have a vast pool of skilled IT consultants, to be augmented for your project requirements.

How flexible is the engagement model?

When you hire Offsite IT staff augmentation, you usually pick resources and devise the work plan with them.

The IT staff augmentation company should be involved in the project management as you are, and such type of flexibility is offered by a few firms.

At Outsourcing Pundit, we conduct a monthly meeting with your team and augmented IT consultants to analyse the work performance. Also, we advise you to use specific portals or tools to assign and track work of IT consultants.

Does it offer a cost-effective solution?

An Offsite IT staff augmentation company offers resources on an hourly or on the scope of work basis, this may vary the cost of your project.

So, when you calculate the ultimate cost of the project, it costs more than expected.

But with Outsourcing Pundit, you will be getting a cost-effective solution, as we charge on a monthly basis.

Augmenting IT consultants on monthly charges will help you to use resources effectively and save money.

Are resources dedicated to one or multiple projects?

The team or resources you augment from Offsite IT staff augmentation company should dedicatedly work on your project to ensure the quality of work is delivered.

But, due to lack of resources, they augment the same resources for two to three projects, resulting in low work quality and delay in deliverables.

With our Offsite staff augmentation model, we let you augment IT team or staff who dedicatedly works on your project.

We ensure that the IT staff is well trained in technical aspects, having the highest degree of professionalism.

Our IT staff augmentation service is designed to assist your team with skilled Microsoft Dynamics resources as per your project needs.

Partnering with us will not only give you a platform to grow but it also keeps your projects on schedule. With our well-trained team of IT experts, we help you to save money and time.

If you are looking for any additional support for your Microsoft Dynamics projects, rather than running for hire, partner with Outsourcing Pundit for Offsite IT staff augmentation.

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