A key to a successful offshore project is a seamless communication on priorities and information requirements.

Let’s imagine one scenario where an airplane pilot doesn’t have any mechanism to communicate with the air traffic control team or loss the connection with them. Scary, right!

Here, both play an important role, a pilot has responsibilities to ensure safe operation of the plane and air traffic control is responsible for maintaining the safe, systematic, and efficient flow of air traffic.

Both have to work flawlessly to fulfill their respective responsibilities and ensure a safe journey of passengers. The same methodology works in any offshore development relationship.

Both should have clear communication, same works in case of offshore deployment, where an airline pilot will be a client and an air traffic control team will be offshoring partner.

It becomes a responsibility for both parties to achieve the ultimate goal in critical situations and safely accomplish the project.

Duties are being distributed in teams and nevertheless, teams face miscommunication leading project away from its goal.

Therefore, distributed teams need to be proactive to ensure a smooth communication process using the business tools to track offshore development work.

The first point to keep in mind while communicating with offshore developers, to avoid fall into communication trap is:


It becomes difficult for the companies, especially small businesses to entrust their work to the servicing company that is in a different country.

Not only this but also a language gap and different culture. As a result, you are unable to manage the development process as easy as you can do it with your in-house team.

There is one way to overcome this issue and it is to maintain transparency between you and an offshore development team in all the aspects related to the project.

This doesn’t mean to just identify new ways and tools to generate value but to know the insights of the client’s wishlist and requirements.

We at Outsourcing Pundit give clear transparency in the following points to our client’s

  1. No hidden charges / all the costs associated with the project will be known to the client.
  2. Clients can screen the resources before deploying them for their projects.
  3. Allow clients to choose the professionals from our portal as per their project requirements.
  4. We train resources to invest more time in driving efficiency.
  5. Resources hired by a client will be focusing on his project only.

Daily/Weekly Calls

It is very easy to coordinate with a team or a person while you are in the same premise, simply you walk over a person’s deck, talk about the problem and come up with a solution.

But this becomes a little tough with offshore resources when the task needs to be approved by a person. It needs regular check-ins for any type of projects.

You need to set regular conference calls with them, sharing information repository and email regularly.

This becomes a headache for you, but don’t you worry, we have a good solution to it.

Being an offshore service provider, we always try to make our clients work easy. For that you need to follow below-mentioned steps to make your offshore communication seamless:

  1. The client can schedule a consistency time to have a meeting (Date/Day/Time).
  2. Use smarter business tools for communication and project management.
  3. The client can align and monitor the performance of their virtual team by line-up their KPIs in business tools.

This helps our clients to coordinate with their virtual team very efficiently without any fall into communication trap, with that our offshore team is full of enthusiasm and extroversive.

Deploy our enthusiastic Offshoring team of Microsoft D365 skilled professionals. Contact us today to hire them.

We believe that a personal meeting is more effective than a group meeting. So, let’s check how meeting in person can help you and your service provider improve your communication.

Personal Meetings

Meeting in person to your virtual team can be invaluable as we believe in building a relationship with our clients rather than just a partnership.

Ideally, the clients and their offshore development team should meet at the very beginning of the projects.

Moreover, client and offshore development team should do meeting several times throughout lifespan of the project that can be very beneficial for both the parties.

Outsourcing Pundit provides all the above solutions to their clients to make seamless communication with their offshore development team/resources.

  1. Clients can directly coordinate with their hired offshore development resources/team.
  2. There are tools assigned to the client and team to coordinate on the project.
  3. The client can call their team directly without any third-party interaction.

By this, you and your offshore development team can work effectively and smoothly on the projects.

The other step can be you can walk a step mile ahead by sharing your insights on your vision and be inspirational to your offshore development team.

Share your Vision & be Inspirational

Mostly all companies and their remote partners go through the same step of gaining an understanding of what a client wants to build.

This becomes the best time to formally exchange objectives, needs, and goals between you and your virtual offshore development team.

However, the more your offshore resources/team knows about what you want to build and why the more interested and invested they become in your project idea or concepts and its execution.

Therefore, you should have a clear vision of your project and should always consistently communicate with the people you work either internal or outsourced.

We at Outsourcing Pundit makes that possible for you, we have a good connectivity infrastructure and an enthusiastic extroversive team that will love to know your vision behind the project and works on it seamlessly.

Our clients follow these all best practices to manage their offshore development team/resources that help them systematize a seamless communication process and help them scale up to higher altitudes.

About Outsourcing Pundit

Outsourcing Pundit is an Offsite Staff Augmentation company having a large pool of resources for different Microsoft Product portfolio. Resources are available as per different expertise and experience based on customer requirement. Outsourcing Pundit act as an e-commerce platform wherein resources are available on the portal as per category. They can be screened, interviewed and selected from the portal itself.


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