Hiring a functional consultant for your company is not an easy task, especially when it comes to an IT industry.

IT functional consultant should have the knowledge, skill, and smartness to work and make other work.


So, what should be the basic questions to be asked along with the technical questions, to know his/her capabilities as a functional consultant?

Today, I Sunil Bhatt an Entrepreneur and recruiter at Outsourcing Pundit will guide you through some of the basic questions to be asked to a functional consultant.

Before starting with the questions, I would like to share that I have an experience of more than 12 years in recruiting functional and technical consultants and have grabbed a good knowledge and tricks to know that this resource will work or not.

After the technical round, I come in the picture to basically check and know how a consultant will be while handling the projects.

The very first basic question I do to a consultant is:

“Tell me about yourself apart from resume and what make you choose this field?”

This question is to make a consultant relax and let him/her except the surrounding atmosphere, so he/she can elaborate themselves easily.

Not just this but I can check their communication skills as they have to interact with our overseas clients too.

The answer should be something above the resume telling about his/her family background and elaborating more about his/her life and career goals.

After this question, a consultant adopts the surrounding and can answer your questions very comfortably and confidently.

The next question I will like to ask a consultant will be on his/her experience.

“Share some glimpse of your experience and a scenario where something went wrong during a project. What happened and how you manage that situation?”

The purpose of asking this question is to judge their attitude towards the situation while handling the task.

The answer should be on his/her experience in some of the ERP systems across a variety of implementations.

If you get satisfied answer, then the candidate should lead towards the second part of the question, i.e. explaining one scenario where something went wrong during a project.

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This question is not to point his/her mishaps but to check out their positive attitude and technical abilities that how they manage the mishaps, achieving the target.

But if a consultant says that he/she has never come up with such scenario’s than that might be a red flag towards them, as every person faces an issue in their work it’s just that how they come up with the solutions to resolve it.

If you get a satisfactory answer from the candidate than the next question I prefer is:

“How you will ensure that the project undertaken by you is a success?”

The major duty of a functional consultant is to deliver a project as per client requirements, as you know a functional consultant is a bridge between client and developing team.

So, if any issue occurred or a client complained that this is not what we expected then a functional consultant is being blamed that where he/she lacked in, either in understanding the needs or explaining it to the internal team.

On this question, you should get a detailed and proper way answer that how he/she will note client’s requirements, prepare FRD, explain internal team on how to develop as per requirements and sign an approval from client’s end.

If it seems confusing, then tell him/her to explain to you by giving an example that how they will manage this client and make it a successful project.

In this question also check how his/her words are being framed while explaining with an example, do they go point to point or becomes storytelling.

After this, the second last question you should mainly ask is:

“How you will manage and optimize the client’s requirements as well as coordinate with an internal team?”

As I said above, a functional consultant is a bridge between the client and developing a team.

He/she has to keep in mind that what are the functionalists an ERP system can support and sometimes it becomes important for them to guide a client to make their flow work in a manner that makes easy for both the teams.

Again, ask him/her to explain by an example, like, a client has requirements of making an ERP system for his textile industry. Then how you will execute it in smartest way, making a client happy and internal teamwork it on easily.

Try to listen to his/her single step carefully and check out his/her management skills and technical knowledge too in the real-world scenario.

If the answer is satisfactory, then proceed to the last question i.e.

“How you manage to stay up to date with current technology, new versions etc.?”

In this techno-world, it becomes important for every IT person to be up to date with the technologies at least with the technology that they are master in.

A consultant should use their knowledge to provide value in innovative ways. Therefore, seek a person who is active in attending training, conferences, or reads industry publications.

If a consultant clears all these questions and you are satisfied with his experience and work skills, you can proceed to hire him/her.

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