Staff Augmentation with Outsourcing Pundit

An online store to schedule Skilled Resource Interviews for your staff augmentation needs

Staff Augmentation with Outsourcing Pundit

An online store to schedule Skilled Resource Interviews for your staff augmentation needs

About Us

What is Outsourcing Pundit?

Outsourcing Pundit is an Offsite Staff Augmentation company having a large pool of resources for different Microsoft Product portfolio. Resources are available as per different expertise and experience based on customer requirement. Outsourcing Pundit act as an e-commerce platform wherein resources are available on the portal as per category. They can be screened, interviewed and selected from the portal itself.

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Outsourcing Pundit Process

How It Works?

Outsourcing Pundit has its own high-end infrastructure to provide continuous services to customers as per their time zone.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation with us

  • Country Specific Resources

    Resources availability as per your requirements and time zone.

  • Trained Resources

    Training of consultant as per your specification and needs.

  • Dynamics Resources

    A Large pool of data of Dynamics resources

  • Easy Hiring Process

    A smooth and short process of resource hiring

  • Provision of HOTO (Hand over/Take Over)

    Provision of HOTO (Hand over/Take Over) of resource if allocated resource leaves the project midway.

  • Two-way screening process

    The two-way screening process of resources, one by Outsourcing Pundit and another by a customer.

  • No Operational Cost

    No need for the customer to incur Operation Cost as a resource is deployed off-site at Outsourcing Pundit location.

  • Great Infrastructure

    High-end Infrastructure which helps resources to work in comfort and have proper connectivity.

  • Increase Productivity

    Your HR can now utilize its time on increasing employee productivity and other productive tasks as resource hiring and training are monitored by Outsourcing Pundit.

  • Resources available on bench

    Your Project Team now doesn’t need to bang their heads on solving issues of your resources as Outsourcing Pundit would be the one maintaining it for resources augmented from Outsourcing Pundit

Our Infrastructure

Outsourcing Pundit has high-end infrastructure to provide uninterrupted connectivity between consultant and company
Provision of high-end systems to let consultant work on the optimum level
World in class communication system for uninterrupted communication
Comfortable seating arrangement to let consultant sit for a long duration.


“Outsourcing Pundit creates a win-win situation for both the parties, yielding mutual benefits. This fills the gap between the demand and supply of professional skills, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Therefore, by allowing hiring on the go, Outsourcing Pundit serves the interests of the employees and employers in a creative way.”

Dynamics Stars, LLC

Houston, Texas

“Whether you need help with a particular project or for your entire business, targeting the skills you need allows you to get effective workers in place quickly and affordable. You won’t have to hire one person and then hope that they have the right expertise for the job; you’ll be able to pick and choose the right person with the exact skill set you need. Outsourcing Pundit makes this possible for us.”

Dhyey Technologies Pvt. Ltd

IT Firm

“While it is true that experience comes with age, the millennial generation has a lot to offer in terms of contemporary worldviews. Having a fixed employee network often results in a stagnation of ideas and opinions for business development and increasing profits. The newly emerging business demands often call out for unconventional and innovative means to deliver results. This is where we seek to partner with Outsourcing Pundit and it has been a fruitful experience”

Electro Micro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Product Development

“We were looking for specific skilled resources for our mobile skin making software, Outsourcing Pundit made it sure to provide us with an expert that can drive our project development in the right direction.  As opposed to project outsourcing where the entire workings of a project are transferred to an external unit, Outsourcing Pundit ensures that only the human resourcing is sourced to an external agency, while the management still remains in hand. This control over management allows firms to maintain a stronghold over their projects and shape them in any way desired.”

Mobicare Skin


Frequently Asked Questions

What Projects can be done at Outsourcing Pundit?

All projects related to Microsoft 365 Products like Dynamics 365 BC/NAV, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation/AX, Dynamics CRM, D365 Integration with barcode, weighbridge and machine Integration, D365 + Power Apps, D365 + Power flow, D365 BC + Power Flow, D365 Extension Development, D365 Version Upgrade.

What is the process for hiring resources from Outsourcing Pundit?

Customer need to sign the contract with Outsourcing Pundit, based on contract client will get credentials for store portal of Outsourcing Pundit from which customer can screen resume as per requirement and schedule interview, and based on interview confirm the deserved candidate and start the project from the availability date of the resource.

How do I know allocated resource is working for My Project?

Allocated resource task can be monitored through task portal provided by customer.

Does Outsourcing Pundit Screen Resources?

Yes, Outsourcing Pundit Screen resources and train them as per customer requirement before deploying them.

Does Outsourcing Pundit deal only in Staff Augmentation Projects?

Yes, Outsourcing Pundit deals only in staff augmentation process. We allocate resources for fixed duration for of site projects. Outsourcing Pundit doesn’t take task-based projects.

What’s the difference between hiring resources from Outsourcing Pundit and on companies’ payroll?

For resources hired from Outsourcing Pundit, the company doesn’t need to incur Operation cost as a resource is placed at Outsourcing Pundit location and resources can be availed in short duration as per customer requirement.

If Customer is not able to find suitable candidate from listed resources, can he submit request?

Yes, if the customer is not able to find a suitable candidate from listed resource he can submit a request on the portal and Outsourcing Pundit will provide the resource as per requirement within the stated time frame.